7.2 (MARCH 22) Copy

At Big Education, we believe the best learning is a dialogue. Traditional courses are based around an expert telling participants the best way to do something – the participants on the course are simply ‘downloading’ from the course leader.

We want to do things differently.

We want YOU to be part of the conversation. Therefore, before completing this course (and receiving your certificate) we want you to contribute. We want you to write a short blog which we will publish on our site! Some of you may be prolific bloggers, whilst for others, this may seem like a daunting prospect. If you have any questions or would like any support, please contact to arrange a call about this.

The title of the blog is: My personal wellbeing journey and the impact it will have on my organisation.

Our suggested structure is…

  1. How I approached staff wellbeing before taking this course. (150 words)
  2. My key takeaway from the course. (150 words)
  3. What I will be doing differently as a result. (150 words)

This is a suggested template, but feel free to adapt, create and change!

Please share your blog with when you are ready. Feel free to share finished pieces or messy first drafts!

Good luck!

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