Leadership of the Hand

What do we mean by this?

As education leaders, our instinct is often to jump from problem to solution based on what we already know. Education is fast paced, so this always seems like the quickest and right way to ‘fix things’. This means we get stuck in a cycle of rehearsing the same type solutions for the same type of problems. 

The Design Thinking module trains leaders in a powerful methodology behind innovation. This enables you to creatively problem solve, which you will practice by undertaking an Innovation Project as part of the programme. 

Train the trainer

During the second year of the programme, you will have the chance to learn to become a trainer in either the Big 8 or Design Thinking. We call this becoming ‘meta-consciously competent’ – the ability to narrate or explain what you are doing as you are doing it. This will support you to train others in your learning from the BLA.

Sector Strategy

We will be working together to explore what it means to play a role in creating sector change. You will gain an understanding of what this looks like in action, how policy is formed and how to build coalitions. You will also develop in a community organising mindset, by understanding how to build relational power to make change happen.

“The design-thinking model used to support the Innovation Project offered a clear and comprehensive structure to guide our ideas, intentions and desired outcomes. Our team connected, trusted and respected each other’s professional values and opinions. The project created a safe place to explore new possibilities – transformative!” Headteacher, Essex BLA ’20

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