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Building Back Better Playbook

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Schools have had to face the huge challenge of children returning after Covid with a fluid and constantly changing set of government directives and expectations.

Yet at the same time, this remains a time of possibility and optimism. We can build back better, learn from the lockdown experience and improve some of the practices in our schools. To do this we need to be deliberate about how we go about this, sifting the evidence, talking to stakeholders, carving out time, using powerful tools. The intention of this playbook is to help with that process – to provide some ideas, insights and impetus to support you and our young people in the months ahead.

About the author

Peter Hyman

Co-founder of School 21

Peter is the co-founder and the first headteacher of School 21, a pioneering 4 to 18 school that opened in Stratford, East London in 2012. The school has a growing reputation for developing oracy (speaking) skills having set up Voice 21, a charity working with more than 400 schools across the country. It has also developed sophisticated programmes for real world learning and wellbeing.For nine years to 2003, Peter worked as a strategist and speechwriter to the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He left to become a teaching assistant in a challenging Islington school, before training as a history teacher and working his way up to become a headteacher. He is author of 1 out of 10, from Downing Street Vision to Classroom Reality.

Important information

Who is this playbook aimed at?

Leaders seeking to upend the assumption that we should be returning to normal after lockdown. Together we have learnt valuable lessons about how we can approach education, and where we should put our efforts.

How does this course contribute to a Big Education?

This playbook enables leaders to begin the process of recovery whilst aiming their sights on reinvention – we should use this opportunity to build back better, not return to normal.

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Building Back Better Playbook


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