Park Community School

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Approach overview

Finding ways to mitigate the effects of poverty over a 60 year programme of educational and community action,  our goals are: success for all through attainment, resilience and autonomy. We summarise our approach as being much more than just a school.  We are a community hub offering a breadth of real world experiences to our students and a range of services to their families and the local community.

Signature practices

Why we joined the Next Big 10

Next Big 10 offers us the opportunity to work with other schools who see the school curriculum as a way to help children find something they love to do alongside teaching the basics we all need to succeed in life.
Chris Anders, Headteacher
We are passionate about innovating and doing what is right for our students to thrive as adults. This means being creative in terms of curriculum and assessment and exploring opportunities to do things differently. The Next Big 10 appealed to us as its values are also ours. Being part of this means we can collaborate with like minded educators, learn from each other and apply ideas in our setting that will benefit our students.
Ella Capaldi, Head of School

Park Community School's Change Team

Ella Capaldi

Head of School

Lucy Conner

Assistant Headteacher

Beth Read

Science Teacher

Chris Anders


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