Matthew Moss High School

Secondary school, academy, 1220 students

Approach overview

Matthew Moss High School is a different kind of school: it is different because it is absolutely focused on developing young people so that when they leave us they are ready for the world and able to create happy, successful and productive lives for themselves.

In order for this to happen, young people need three things from their schooling; knowledge, skills and a real sense of direction about their next steps. Many schools focus on servicing only the first need. At Matthew Moss we provide an educational experience that provides all three.

We want our learners to be treated with dignity and fully developed as citizens through:

  • Composure – We remain effective under pressure.
  • High standards – We expect much from ourselves and others.
  • Agency – We know how to learn and make things happen.
  • Numeracy and literacy – We master our use of numbers and words.
  • Growth mindset – We learn to succeed through practice.
  • Empathy – We care about others as well as ourselves.

Signature practices

  • Change Curriculum: explicitly teaching knowledge that underpins our culture and ethos
  • Inclusive curriculum: no Pupil Premium gap
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion: the power of a single story
  • Inclusive pedagogies: mixed achieving classes, responsive teaching and next steps feedback
  • Local Authority Hearing Impaired Base,
  • Connections – MMHS approach to inclusive Alternative Provision
  • Exhibitions of learning
  • Assessment informed intervention based on formative and summative assessment
  • Assessing creative thinking
  • Oracy framework (Humanities and English)
  • Transactional analysis shaping culture and relationships
  • Personalised professional learning for teachers
  • Local Authority Hearing Impaired Resource Base
  • Connections: an approach to in school Alternative Provision
  • Redwood: an innovative partnership with Redwood Secondary School for additional needs
  • D6 Saturday School
  • Vertical family tutoring system including students from Years 7 to 11

Matthew Moss High School's testimonials

Why we joined the Next Big 10

At Matthew Moss we believe that everything starts with the learner and that education should prepare learners for a life of learning that is both satisfying to themselves and of significant value to society. Being part of NB10, a wider community that wants to make a difference, provides opportunities for collaboration, shared learning and improving practices to make a positive impact on our young people.
Chris Jennings, Headteacher
Finding the balance between strong academic outcomes and supporting the whole child has always been a challenge for educators. We joined NB10 to be part of a team of like-minded professionals, who together, have the confidence to be creative, innovative and to think holistically about our learners’ educational experience. By collaborating with other schools with NB10, we hope to further improve our educational approach to support the whole child, not just their academic success.
Jenna King Jagger, Deputy Headteacher

Video case studies

Video case study 1

D6: The Power of Peer Learning

Video case study 2

Transactional Analysis: Reframing relationships

Matthew Moss High School's Change Team

Chris Jennings


Jenna King Jagger

Deputy Headteacher

Sarah Doherty

Leadership Coach CHANGE Lead

Ethan Dent

Teacher of Humanities: History

Laura Burns

Teacher of Technologies: Art - 2nd in Faculty

Beth Stanton

Teacher of English

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