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Approach overview

At Drew, there is a shared commitment to the development of children who contribute to our school community as well as to society as a whole – as per our motto, ‘Learning today for tomorrow’s world’.

Together we work hard to build the skills and knowledge children need to be leading participants in an ever-changing world. To this end, we have three key goals that shape this hard work. These are: 

  • For all Drew children to be effective communicators; 
  • For all Drew children to be aspirational for themselves and their community; 
  • For all Drew children to be successful learners.

Key here is the ‘all’ – we are an inclusive and nurturing school and believe in celebrating success for every child, at every level.

We ensure our pupils have deep rooted core values, which support them to thrive and be responsible citizens in the world around them: Learn with Others, Take Responsibility, Make the Right Choice and Show Respect.

Signature practices

  • Learning Adventure Big Books to capture the knowledge and skills children develop across the wider curriculum
  • Talking to learn: language development through a collaborative, talk-rich approach to teaching and learning
  • Meaningful experiences to enrich, engage and extend children’s learning 
  • A values led school through our Drew Core Values
  • Pupil Leadership Pathways

Why we joined the Next Big 10

The opportunity to collaborate with and learn alongside colleagues from across the country in order to research, trial and develop new practices was too good to pass up! Life in school can feel like such a hamster wheel, that often the operational ends up taking precedence. However, being part of the Next Big 10 allows us protected time to think deeply and move slowly in order to steer away from the reactive towards building sustainable change that positively impacts both children and staff.
Dulcie Sharp, Headteacher
The staff at Drew are very passionate about delivering the very best education possible for its pupils. As well as being present in what we currently deliver, we are always looking forward, to prepare our pupils for tomorrow’s world. In joining the Next Big 10, we hoped that pooling our passion and resources with others would allow us to dream of (and ultimately implement) bigger changes for pupils that we would have had difficulty accessing alone.
Dennis Chamberlain, School Business Manager

Drew Primary School's Change Team

Dulcie Sharp


Dennis Chamberlain

School Business Manager

Tom Mallender

Class Teacher (ECT2)

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