Alexandra Primary School

Primary School – 2 form entry

Approach overview

Every Child’s Journey Matters.

Aspire: Our aim is to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world, to create learners who can reflect, question, wonder, critically think,connect, be creative, be self-aware and be determined. We provide opportunities that both connect with their roots in their local landscape and expand their horizons through learning about the wider world.

Achieve: At Alexandra every child can experience success and there is equality of opportunity for all. We facilitate this by removing barriers to learning, whether this is educational, emotional or financial.  We teach children the power of their voice and that their questions are worth asking. Collaborative learning runs through the curriculum, in class and across year groups. Children revisit five curriculum themes throughout their time at Alexandra enabling them to build deep knowledge and form connections which will stay with them throughout their educational career and beyond. We create an environment where children are shown that effort pays off and making mistakes is the path to greater knowledge. We nurture emotional intelligence and the values of kindness, responsibility, courage and curiosity. We aim to nurture children who are capable of doing new things – who are creative, innovative and discoverers.

Enjoy: Our school promotes a lifelong love of learning. We provide experiences that our children may not access elsewhere, showing them the joy of trying new things, discovering new knowledge and skills. Creativity lies at the heart of the curriculum. We bring knowledge to life through hands on experiences, making links across subject areas and learning in different forms. Our children learn with enthusiasm and zest. We celebrate learning – the achievement and theffort – and value each child’s individual journey. Our school is a dynamic learning community with continued professional growth and engaging in research considered the key to achieving all our aims. Staff are encouraged to be innovative and courageous, carrying out practitioner enquiry with regular discussion framed by critical pedagogy.

Signature practices

Curriculum innovation: the Alexandra Primary Baccalaureate (Y5 and Y6) Alexandra Primary Baccalaureate 

Continuous Provision in Y1

Teacher Development – Practitioner Research and Enquiry Questions

Inclusion – Development of an alternative resourced provision for pupils with SEMHD

UNICEF Rights Respecting School

Why we joined the Next Big 10

As soon as I heard about the NB10 I knew I wanted Alexandra to join and have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from innovative and successful schools who are leading change in the system. As head, it’s exciting and motivating to belong to a group of courageous and creative school leaders and work towards the vision of a Big Education for all our pupils.
Stephanie Clarke, Head Teacher
We were excited to become part of the NB10 as we felt aligned with their vision for change. Joining the team has enabled us to collaborate with educators we might not have otherwise met and offered us opportunities to visit schools that have inspired us to develop our practice. This has built our confidence to be able to make innovative changes within our school community to support all our learners to thrive.
Kate Birch, AHT SENCo

Alexandra Primary School's Change Team

Stephanie Clarke

Head Teacher

Kate Birch

SENDC0, AssHT for Inclusion

Caitlin Joseph

AssHT, En Lead, Y6 Teacher

Philippa Kennedy

Maths & Music Lead and Y2 Class Teacher

Veronica Laurnagaray

Early Years Lead & Nursery Class Teacher

Sandra Ohemeng

Y5 teacher, Humanities Lead

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