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‘How do you ensure that children are learning, without bringing staff to their knees? We found a way.

Six years ago, I decided to ban teachers from writing in children’s books. Children became more independent, the quality of their writing improved and standards went up. Ofsted are happy with it

and, crucially, so are teachers. 

Since then, ‘no marking’ has really caught on. Over the last few years, there have been blogs, tweets and articles aplenty about changes to reduce teacher workload and to improve retention’.  

– Matthew Kleiner-Mann, foreword of Fast Feedback (2022 p IX) 

In this course, in collaboration with Big Education, we will share our story of how we abolished written marking and embedded Fast Feedback to create truly effective learners with ownership over their own learning whilst simultaneously reducing teacher workload, and facilitate an exploration of how you could create something similar in your own context. 

We look forward to working with you! 

Our aims

  • To present a case-study of one school’s journey towards implementing Fast Feedback in place of traditional marking 
  • To explore how to create the right culture to embed this approach fully and how this could work in your context
  • To explore how effective verbal feedback and conferencing work in practice in the classroom (for teachers and middle-leaders)
  • To faciltate you to create an action plan for leading change in your organisation (for leaders)


  • Primary school senior leaders in school who want to rethink their approach to marking and feedback. We recommend also bringing a middle-leader or teacher along to the course to explore strategies for implementing Fast Feedback in practice.

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