Congratulations for submitting your initial application to the Big Leadership Adventure 2023. 

We have received your details and are looking forward to meeting you.

We would appreciate it if you could please take 2 minutes to complete the equal opportunities monitoring form

  • The form is not reviewed alongside your application and is completely anonymous. The information will help us to understand more about those applying to be on our leadership programme, and will enable us to identify and remove barriers to applying for the Big Leadership Adventure.
  • This data will be used for analysis by Big Education, to improve the applicant experience, inform our DEI strategy and build a more inclusive community. We may also include the findings in external reports or promotions.
  • Big Education works to meet the aims and commitments set out in our diversity, equity and inclusion policy. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010 and building our understanding of everyone involved in our organisation.

Thank you so much for completing Step 1 of the application process.  We have received your details and are looking forward to meeting you! 

You’ll have received an email with the below message should you wish to leave and return later. 

Please see the instructions for Step 2 below, there are a couple of actions for you to prepare prior to scheduling your coaching conversation with our team. Once you’re ready move to Step 3. 

If you have any questions along the way or require any adjustments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Step 2: 

Preparation for coaching conversation – At home

  • Complete the leadership reflection wheel – a fundamental tool and challenging basis for deep personal reflection on yourself as a leader. Your reflections will form the basis of our discussion in Step 3.  Click here to access the online version.
  • Prepare a 5-minute mission statement: In preparation for your coaching conversation (Step 3), we would like you to start exploring your own philosophy by preparing and delivering a 5-minute mission statement. You’ll have the opportunity to review and redraft your mission statement while on the programme. For this reason, we’ll record your mission statement for your own personal reflection. 

Your mission statement should be no longer than 5 minutes and should explore the following;

  • What you believe to be the purpose of school
  • The extent to which you see this in our current system
  • Your vision for an alternative future
  • Your personal story and motivation


Step 3: 

Coaching conversation – 45 minutes 

  • Schedule an online coaching conversation to help us understand more about your leadership journey and how the BLA will support you.
  • Be prepared to talk us through your leadership reflections and share your 5-minute mission statement in this call

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