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Ben Rollo-Hayward

If you would like to write a blog, please email Ellie Lister, Head of Strategic partnerships by using our contact form, with your name, organisation name, possible blog title, a few lines on the proposed content and any questions you have.


Blogs are typically 600-800 words around a central idea or argument. For example, it could be about:

  • The changes you would like to see in the education system and a rationale for why;
  • One of your school’s Signature Practices;
  • A piece of good practice you have seen in another school;
  • Making the case for change in leadership, pedagogy, curriculum or assessment by interrogating the problems and identifying issues with the current system.


Style guide:

  • Be written in plain English;
  • Include clear arguments or evidence;
  • Not be written in too formal a language;
  • Perhaps include anecdotes or quotes from pupils, parents or staff;
  • Have a picture or image to accompany it;
  • Include your name, organisation name and role (and contact details if you want to).


You can view our Big Education blogging site for blog styles.

Blogs undergo a review and editing process, so please don’t worry if you are asked to make a few changes during the process.

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