1.1 Why are teams important?

If it is so difficult to build teams, why bother? Society, myth and history is littered with stories of the heroic leader who, single-handedly, won wars, built fortunes or revitalised organisations on the brink of collapse.

Sadly (or perhaps, luckily?) this image has much more to do with our perception of leadership than the reality. In truth, almost all successful organisations are built on the backs of strong teams. The craft of building high performing teams is often left out of the narrative of the ‘heroic’ leader.

For the first part of the course, I would like you to read at least one (but feel free to read as many as you like) article below. I would then like you to share your reflections on the article in our community forum, using the 3As protocol.

The 3 A’s Protocol

One of our principles is that we want to layer in tools throughout this course which you can use straight away! So, we would like you to read the articles using the ‘3 A’s Protocol’ below.

As you read the article(s), keep a note of what you agree with, what you want to argue against and what questions this article makes you want to ask.

Please share your thoughts using this framework in our community forum page here.

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