1.3 Self-reflection

As we reach the end of the first session of this course, we think it is important to carry out some self-reflection. Below, you will find two tools which we would like you to have completed before the first live Zoom webinar on Monday 14th June.

The first is a survey. This survey poses a series of questions for you to answer about your own wellbeing, your organisation and how you have found completing this part of the course. We will use the data from the surveys to draw out trends, but of course, your answers will be kept in confidence.

The second is a reflection/audit document, based on the work of Mind. Please use this document to help gauge what you are currently doing to support your own wellbeing and identify areas for development. To access the document, please click the button below and make your own copy. It would be great if you could share this with in advance of the first Zoom session.

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