1.2 Connecting with the cohort (FEB 22)

At Big Education, we believe that the best learning is dialogic. We are keen to share our expertise, but we know that it is through questioning and discussion that the content comes alive.

Therefore, alongside this course, we have our community – a change for you to connect with other changemaker leaders embarking on this journey of change.

Our next activity is to make a connection. This is another big part of what we believe at Big Education. We need to have a connection, a relationship, with our peers and people we lead.

‘Making Entry’

At Big Education, we believe that fundamental change only happens when there is a foundation of strong relationships. Fundamental, long-lasting changes can only be made in organisations in which there is a high level of trust.

So, how do we build trust? This is obviously a complex and long term process. However, one way to start building this straight away as through a process called ‘making entry’. Making entry allows people the opportunity to get to know you as a whole person, rather than just a professional. It is a chance to share your motivations, your passions or your worries. It might take the form of sharing something about you growing up, your family or how you spend your free time. At Big Education and our schools, we aim to build an element of ‘making entry’ into every meeting or event – this is a chance for the people in our organisations to get to know each other and start (or continue) the process of building trust. In the video below, Big Education co-Director, Liz Robinson explores the ‘what, why and how’ of ‘making entry’.

Activity One

Please think through the following questions and then post your answers on our cohort community here:

What is your name and role?

Why are you interested in School 21’s Real World Learning Programme?

What is your experience of work experience when you were at school?

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