Leadership of the Head

What do we mean by this?

Leadership of the Head is about connecting in with and really understanding your own beliefs about the purpose of education, which shapes your actions as a leader. 

Education, whether we like it or not, is ideological – we all have a different view of its purpose, aims and methods. These perspectives are rooted in our own view – our philosophy – of the world. The philosophy behind a school shapes not only how we teach, but how we lead.

The Philosophy of Education module provides leaders with the tools and frameworks to explore a deep sense of mission and purpose – fundamental for any leader trying to shake up the current paradigm. You will think deeply about what education, school and learning is for, drawing on some of the different traditions of educational philosophy. 

The selection process starts this journey of exploring your philosophy through a Stump Speech (more information to follow). If successful in getting onto the programme, you will review this throughout your two-year journey with us.

An incredible experience that pushes you to think deeply about education. It has helped me to identify how much support and great ideas are all around me and giving me the skills to tap into those ideas.” Senior Leader, London BLA ’21


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