Leadership of the Heart

What do we mean by this?

Leadership of the heart, is being able to reflect on how your own behaviours might affect those around you… And doing something about it. 

To create system change, we need to start with ourselves. To create innovative cultures where staff are doing things differently, we need to create trusting environments where staff feel safe. You will explore this through the following modules…

The Big 8 – your leadership foundations toolkit

The Big 8 is what we call our coaching toolkit. The work draws on insights from psychology about how we develop and manage relationships, and is informed by client-centred coaching approaches which focus on empowering positive action.  It supports your development in some of the tricky aspects of being a leader; giving people feedback, managing conflict and challenging underperformance. Your learning during this module will help ensure you fully engage with the diversity of your team and enable you to embed a culture where every voice is heard.

Culture of Innovation

Culture exists everywhere. An element of ‘this is how things are done around here’ will be felt in all organisations, whether explicitly agreed or not. The Big Leadership Adventure aims to deepen leaders’ understanding of developing a culture of innovation and the risk associated with sticking to the status quo. If things always seem to be going right, you are not being bold enough!  You will reflect on your own organisation using a range of audit tools and develop the skills to shape the culture you want.

“The Big 8 are skills that make great leaders are learnable and accessible. They can be applied to all contexts and have clear practical application.”
Deputy Headteacher, Kent BLA’21
“I’ve learnt that I am equal amongst school leaders and have something to contribute. Whilst I am not the finished product I can and do play a significant role.”
Headteacher, Rochdale, BLA ’21

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