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Rethinking Work Experience – School 21’s Real World Learning Programme

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3 live webinars

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Think about your work experience as a student. What did you learn? What skills did you develop? How did it impact your future? For many of us work experience was a week or two of menial tasks like making cups of tea. At School 21 we wanted to give our students a real world experience, which would actually have an impact on their future. That’s why we developed the Real World Learning Programme. Through participating in this course you too will have the tools to implement a more holistic and authentic learning experience to students and create lasting and impactful partnerships in your community.

This course will provide: 

  • Chance to speak to students who have experienced it
  • Chance to speak to an employer
  • Learning from our expertise
  • Network of like-minded changemakers
  • Chance to experience the launch of School21’s RWLP as it happens!

This course is both informative and practical and will allow you to start planning a RWLP, connect with Big Education for further support, and join a community with other schools and professionals running RWLPs.

Meet the facilitator

Cassie Cramer

RWLP Programme Manager, School 21

Cassie Cramer is the Programme Manager for School 21’s flagship Real World Learning Programme. Drawing on her experience in partnerships, outreach, and working in education, Cassie brings students and the professional world together in a meaningful way. The Real World Learning Programme (RWLP) is School 21’s take on work experience and provides both students and their host workplace with something that is more meaningful and authentic than traditional work experience. Looking beyond this programme, Cassie manages School 21’s extensive partnership database to facilitate collaborations between teachers, students, and professionals from varied sectors.

Important information

Who is this course aimed at?

School leaders who want to implement a programme of Real World Learning Placements in their schools – learning from the lessons of School21’s ambitious programme

How does this course contribute to a Big Education?

This is a key component of a Big Education – in many ways the culmination of the project-based learning journey. Sending Y10/Y12 students out into the world to make a real difference – as well as getting a great experience of the workplace and exposure to a range of career options in the future

Rethinking Work Experience – School 21’s Real World Learning Programme

3 live webinars

4 online units


Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available

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