The BLA Programme Design

Ellie Lister, Project Lead at Big Education

Our Learning Philosophy

The Big Leadership Adventure is largely experiential, based on the Kolb learning cycle. This means we will draw heavily on experience and build in reflection as a key part of our learning. To develop organically and authentically, leaders must have the opportunity to practice in environments more challenging than a training room. This means less ‘formal classroom’ settings and more time experiencing and reflecting on the challenges of leadership.

The Big Leadership Adventure will provide a mix of taught input, cohort learning and on-the-job application, giving you the platform to lead change in both your organisation/school and the wider sector.

The Core Programme

Wider Sector Influence

Big Education Toolkit

Our online platform will house our Big Education Toolkit and many more frameworks and tools will be introduced to you throughout the programme.

Tool 1: Leadership Reflection Wheel

Through an in-depth piece of research into the behaviours required for change within the sector, we have identified the mindsets that grow the innovative leader. The Leadership Reflection Wheel you will have already tested out during the selection process provides a challenging foundation for deep personal reflection on yourself as a leader.

A special thanks to all our BLA contributors (so far..)

This design of the programme is iterative and we encourage everyone in the community to get involved by contributing and helping us to tailor the programme throughout based on input and feedback.

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