Session One: Introduction and Self Reflection

This session is all about understanding you. I believe that to make meaningful change happen, it has to be authentic and built out of your personal values. If wellbeing does not start with the leadership, there is a danger that any interventions will be superficial or even have unintended, but detrimental, effects. This session should help to provide a structure to help you reflect and start to explore your own motivations.

It is also important to start with you for a different reason. When we talk about staff wellbeing, we often forget about the leadership. As we hear when we fly, it is important to put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others. We want this course to offer you time and space to reflect – prioritising your own development and wellbeing before exploring ways to improve your organisation as a whole.

This is also true when focussing on staff wellbeing. If you introduce new strategies to help others, but do not look after yourself, you will quickly burn-out. Over the longer term, this will reduce greatly the impact of your wellbeing strategies. After all, people look to leaders to guide their own actions. If they are being told to look after themselves, but see the leadership not following their own advice, they will quickly lose trust. Words and actions must be aligned.

So, let’s start with YOU!

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