Big Leadership Design Principles

Big Education Community

Our BLA groups are part of a wider community, who learn from and support each other, and are ultimately bound by the belief that the education system needs to change. Our community celebrates diversity and advocates for diverse people. It provides access to the expertise of different sectors, encouraging leaders to look at issues through a different lens.  We ask all BLA leaders to be active members of this community while on the programme, and as part of our network beyond the 2 years.

Doing real work now, not just training for the future

We believe the best way to learn is through real practice, experience and applying your learning to your own context. The education system can’t wait and so throughout the programme our leaders are expected to put their learning into action tomorrow. We ask that all leaders are committed to applying the learning and bringing their full self to every workshop and in between.

Work on self, work for others

The BLA requires leaders to look at their own behaviours in the context of the people around them, to understand how their own behaviour, values and preferences might affect the teams they work with. The programme builds a greater reflective capability in leaders, working towards a deeper sense of personal transformation.

‘Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves’  (Tolstoy, L).

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Challenging the status quo

The BLA works to push the boundaries and model an education that prepares young people to better participate in and take on the world. We are looking for leaders who are ready to shake up the current paradigm in which the education system is operating. This requires openness to creative and lateral thinking, constantly questioning the way things are done, and learning from other sectors and across the globe.

Feeding the ecosystem

We aren’t just about transforming individuals, schools or organisations. The programme requires you to think about yourself in the context of the system and work to create sector change. We ask that leaders embrace the opportunity to be part of this growing movement for change, and are open to sharing their experiences and practices.

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