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We are so proud of the incredible work of the leaders on the BLA to date, it has been a challenging and turbulent couple of years and educators truly have gone above and beyond in light of Covid-19.

“I just wanted to give some feedback about how useful and invigorating I am finding the programme. This weekend we had our first Think Tank for two years. This is where any member of staff can attend a Friday night / Saturday morning in a hotel to discuss research and new ideas. The theme this weekend was on revisiting our curriculum and we used the idea that leader at School 21 presented last week – the Danger of a Single Story. This has prompted an excellent reflection and debate with the group and a launchpad for our next Inset which will be a reviewing our curriculum in line with DEI.”
Headteacher, Rochdale BLA ‘21

I held my own leadership day yesterday with my team (reflecting on our year and planning for next) – and inspired by the BLA work – we had ‘making entry’ moments, lots of discussion and instead of the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’ end of term presentations to staff – I am asking my leaders to present an oracy inspired speech about their subject/ area of responsibility! The feedback was so positive and they are enjoying the new challenge! This year and the BLA has really changed me as leader! I am loving using what I have learnt and thought I would share.
Headteacher, London BLA ‘20

My confidence to speak up in groups has grown hugely since starting the course. This is thanks to the expert facilitation of the sessions and the opportunities afforded to us to give feedback to people I, ordinarily, wouldn’t have the opportunity to feedback to. This has given me the confidence to feel more comfortable providing challenge when I feel it necessary in my own life, both professionally and personally.  The idea of novice versus the expert has really landed with me also and made me feel more able to share my ideas even when I am not the ‘expert in the room’, and, actually, make me more likely to do this exactly when I am not the ‘expert in the room’ on a topic. The concept of iterative processes from Design Thinking training has also had a huge impact on my thinking and behaviours. I have felt a transformation around my ability to allow various things not to be perfect or finished. This has been liberating and helped me be more effective as I spend less time agonising over details.
Assistant Headteacher, Brighton, BLA ‘20

“The BLA has given me the confidence to lead and to enact change. My thinking has evolved in so many ways in the last two years. BLA has supported me in networking with so many inspiring leaders and people not just in the educational sector but more broadly. It has widened my horizons. I have learnt to read more widely and to look globally for innovation and ways that work and bring them back into my own setting. I have developed my vision of education and I have developed my purpose. Thank you.
Co-Headteacher, South London, BLA ’20

We asked our Big Leadership Adventurer’s how they would describe the culture of the BLA;

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