Your Leadership Journey Reflections

The Big Education journey: Paradigm shifting mindsets and behaviours 

It’s now time to turn the focus onto you and the journey you have been on as a leader.

Our Leadership Reflection Wheel is a powerful tool to support your own reflections on your journey to becoming a leader delivering ‘A Big Education’. Grounded in evidence about the behaviours required to do things differently in education, this tool forms the basis of the BLA and is something you will refer to regularly if you are successful in joining the programme.

Using the key below, indicate where you’re currently at with each question and why.

I’m right at the start with this.

I’ve done some work on this, but it feels underdeveloped or new.

I’ve worked on this and feel pretty strong and clear on my next steps.

I feel in ‘flow’ in this area.

Next steps

Both you and the BLA team will be emailed a copy of your answers once you click ‘submit.’

We will delve into your reflections in more depth during the meet the team conversation!

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