Next steps in the application process

Preparing for the next stage: Cintia Shiratori, Project Officer

The next step in this process is to book your meet the team conversation and prepare a Stump Speech in advance to deliver at the start of your conversation.

Stump speech instructions

In preparation for your meet the team conversation, we would like you to start exploring your own philosophy by delivering a 5 minute Stump Speech. If successful in getting onto the programme, you will have opportunities to review and redraft this throughout your time on the BLA. For this reason, we will record your Stump Speech and share the video with you afterwards. 

Your Stump Speech should be no longer than 5 minutes and should explore the following;

  • What you believe to be the purpose of school
  • The extent to which you see this in our current system
  • Your vision for an alternative future
  • Your personal story and motivation

In the next and final section, you will be able to schedule your ‘meet the team conversation’ for a time that suits you.

BLA ’19 Stump Speech

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