1. Introduction and Case Study One

Welcome to our course ‘Re-thinking Top Down Accountability’ – we are delighted that you have joined us as we work towards a Big Education.

All leaders want to ensure that the education and teaching delivered in their school is high-quality. We all want the best for young people. Teachers and leaders also want to be doing a good job. I am a firm believer that very few people are content when when they are not performing at their best.

However, there is debate about how to go about achieving this. The debate spans industries and professions and is ongoing and dynamic.

At Big Education, we believe that the best way to ensure high-quality provision is the ‘done with’ rather than the ‘done to’ approach.

In this course, we will present three separate case-studies from our three Big Education schools of how we are implementing a more consensual approach to performance management. These are examples are on-going pieces of work and serve to act as a discussion point for the cohort on this course.

In the first case study, we will hear how Surrey Square have implemented a ‘flipped’ quality assurance system. In the second, we will hear how School 21 have set up ‘subject reviews’ as a collaboration within and beyond school. Finally, we will hear how School 360 will be exploring a ‘Japanese Lesson Study’ approach to teacher development. We will also hear how we, as a MAT, are exploring this issue across our school.

For all the dates and links, please consult the Course Handbook here.

In the first unit, we will first ‘connect’ with the cohort using our community forum, before hearing from Matt and exploring some reading.

If you have any issues please contact joe.pardoe@bigeducation.org

I hope you enjoy the course!

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