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This CPD brings to life the approach Big Education and School 21 have taken to work experience and is for the teacher responsible for work experience in school. The CPD is both informative and practical. The CPD will take teachers from no awareness of the RWLP to believing a RWLP is for them, their school and their pupils. And it will help to drive them to action with practical activities.

This is designed to shift schools and teachers from no awareness and belief to belief, awareness, consideration and action. The action is to start planning a RWLP, connecting with Big Education for further support, and joining a community with other schools and professionals running RWLPs.

Real-World Learning Project CPD will

  • Instil the belief, confidence and confidence in teachers of the benefits of a RWLP with key stakeholders
  • Instil the understanding of the key resources, processes and skills to begin planning their own Real-World Projects in their schools 

The objectives:

  • Teachers will be able to describe the benefits of the RWLP to key stakeholders and how it is different to “traditional” work experience 
  • Teachers will be able to describe the core components for running a Real World Learning Project in their school
  • Teachers will be able to modify the core components for their school context to enable them to run a Real World Learning Project 
  • Teachers will be able to describe the core components of the Real World Learning Project briefs 
  • Teachers will know where to go for extra support (BE and S21) 
  • Teachers will understand the purpose of and where to access the RWLP Toolkit and Case Studies 

By the end of this CPD, teachers will:

  • Have the belief, confidence and confidence in the benefits of running a RWLP in their schools
  • Have a first draft idea and timeline for their Real World Learning Project programme 
  • Understand the skills required and processes to plan their version of Real World Learning Project 
  • Understand where to do to download additional resources (the toolkit, templates and Case Studies ) 


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