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The Big Leadership Adventure is the culmination of many years of thinking and planning. We formed Big Education in September 2018 because we and our teams believe that significant change and new thinking is required within education. The problems with the status quo are well rehearsed; we are failing too many young people now, but also failing those who seemingly succeed. We believe that a paradigm shift is needed; new thinking about the very purpose of schooling, through to the values of the system, the curriculum, pedagogies, culture, assessment, and, of course, the leadership.

A new model of educational leadership is both an end in itself, part of a new paradigm, but also the means for us to get there. The incentives are heavily stacked toward accountability measures within the current metrics, and it takes real courage to try new things within this context. It requires skillful navigation of the current reality whilst finding ways to rethink and redesign (we call this riding both horses). It requires an irreverence in questioning the way things are done, asking bigger questions, and seeking bolder answers. It requires connectedness, sharing of learning and alliances to challenge and support.

It requires a cohort of leaders who are hungry for new solutions, open to learning from across sectors and the globe and willing to go on a journey. We are delighted that you are part of this journey – and excited about the work we can do together.

Introductory Course

The aim of this short course is to introduce you to the Big Leadership Adventure, provide an overview of the curriculum and underpinning design principles, and give you a chance to connect with the 2021 cohort prior to us coming together for the first time in August!

You can navigate your way through by clicking on the ‘Course Content’ table below and the ‘mark complete’ or arrow buttons on each page.

It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the course and you can return at any time.

We so look forward to meeting you all soon

The BLA Team

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