‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ – Creating a culture of positive staff wellbeing (MARCH 22)

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One of the major themes which emerged during the pandemic was the need for a renewed emphasis on staff wellbeing. Burnout has been a  persistent issue in the profession, but lockdown has brought it to the forefront and given new perspectives on how to solve the issue.

Leaders often do not prioritise their own wellbeing, if you do not make time to look after yourself, you will not be able to lead staff to do the same

Nicola Noble – co-head of surrey square primary school

This course is designed to help leaders to first consider strategies to help with their own wellbeing, before exploring how these can be used to help all staff. This is vital. Staff turnover due to poor wellbeing causes huge disruption in education as well as reducing the number of experienced, well-trained staff. In addition, it is clear that wellbeing is now at the forefront of peoples’ minds – we need to ensure we are equipped to lead now and in the future.

What will you get from this course?

  • Time and space to explore strategies to improve your own wellbeing as a leader – these strategies can be used directly with your staff
  • Expert instruction and facilitation from Nicola Noble – A leader who is passionate about staff wellbeing and is currently doing this work in her Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school
  • A community and network of changemaker peers to support you as you work through implementing changes in your setting and plenty of opportunity to interact and discuss ideas.
  • All of the resources used in the course

I am excited to meet you all!

Nicola Noble

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