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Our mission at Big Education is to transform children’s lives through an expansive education – what we call an education of the head,  heart and hand. This is based on a more ambitious purpose for schooling – one which intends for young people to go out and shape the world as engaged citizens, not just do well within the existing systems. 

This will mean challenging what we teach, how we teach and assess it, how we build cultures and relationships, and how we need to be as leaders to enable this. 

Our courses are one way we are working to support the many thousands of teachers and leaders who want to be part of this change, designed to help you turn your thoughts into powerful action. We’re delighted that you want to be part of this journey, as we believe collaboration and collective action is needed to have the greatest impact. We need changemakers who are willing to ask bigger questions, become ambassadors for social action and support and learn from one another on behalf of the sector. 

Each course has been designed with head, heart and hand in mind, you’ll be thinking and learning (head), inspiring each other and reconnecting with your passion for becoming an educator (heart) and getting things done by putting your learning into action within your own context (hand)! 

Our community will support you with the challenges of moving to a Big Education. This is a place to be an active learner, track progress and contribute. 

This module is designed to introduce you to our work, our learning platform and our changemaker communities.

By the end of this module, you should be familiar with our vision at Big Education, be able to access your course on our platform and have registered to access our community pages.

We are delighted to have you join our movement for a Big Education.

Liz Robinson and Peter Hyman

Co-Directors, Big Education

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