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The application process

The application process has two main stages. You are currently at stage one. Stage one gives you information and insights into the BLA through a series of videos, reading and activities, to help you assess whether the programme is right for you at this time. This stage should take approximately 45 mins to complete. This part of the application process will not be assessed and you will be able to save progress and return at any point.

The second and final stage of the application process is to book a time to ‘meet the team’ video conversation. These will take place between June and July ’22. During your 45 min conversation with the team, you will be asked to deliver a 5 min Stump Speech on what you believe to be the purpose of education, before delving deeper into your leadership journey. You will be provided information on how to prepare for this and how to book your meet the team conversation after you have completed stage one.

If you have any questions along the way or require technical support or reasonable adjustments, please reach out to us a We would love to hear from you!

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