Our wishes for education in 2023

In December, we crowdsourced ‘Wishes for Education’ from our community, made up of teachers, leaders, students, businesses and social entrepreneurs. These wishes varied hugely, ranging from a desire for those in power to genuinely listen to teachers on the ground, to all children being seen, valued and celebrated as individuals.

However, there was a common theme amongst all the ideas; much change is needed in the UK education system.

Big Education’s vision is for every child to receive a meaningful education, for their futures and our world. We are seeking to provide that in our schools, by rethinking practice with this broader focus, and are challenging mindsets by speaking up for what we believe in.

In order to make a ‘bigger education’ a reality, there are many systemic changes we would like to see. But where to start?

We’ve been reflecting on the three tangible areas that we would like to see change in 2023:

  • Reviewing the role of Ofsted to reduce the stakes for schools, allowing for a positive and less fear based system for all involved, including the learners.
  • Greater incentives for school leaders to work more systematically within their local areas to address local and contextual challenges and collaborate more effectively.
  • More schools engaging in our Rethinking Assessment project and adopting a broader range of metrics to assess young people

Change starts with people challenging the status quo and asking bigger questions. Whether you’re a parent, educator, student, business leader – we encourage you to play your part. Education is everyone's business.

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