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We are delighted at the response and engagement with the Learning from Lockdown site. We have had over 35,000 views and we currently have over 60 blogs written by teachers, leaders and educators working in a huge range of contexts.

There is clearly an appetite to learn lessons from the terrible pandemic and resulting Lockdown period. The blogs have given us an opportunity to think about what we have learnt so far and how it can be used to help shape the future of the education system. The Lockdown has made us all challenge our assumptions and given us a new perspective on the world.

This is even more extraordinary given the level of uncertainty and pressure we are all under. Just coping has been hard enough – which makes this reflection and learning process all the more admirable.

We want to make sure that schools are empowered and supported to think about what to do with these new insights and ideas. The thought of implementing yet more change can be pretty overwhelming.

We want to offer to help.

Through years of experience as heads, and leading schools through change, we have developed a series of tools to help leaders design new practices and support you through the changes you might wish to make.

We want to offer to help by supporting you through your short, medium and long term plans for change by offering a set of tools which break the seemingly daunting task, of re-thinking aspects of our practice, into manageable chunks. In this way, we hope to help establish a network and community of schools who are all looking to not only learn from lockdown, but to transform as a result.

One of the major themes which has emerged in these blogs is the imperative of looking after our staff teams. We all knew this was a major challenge in education and Lockdown has highlighted the importance of this being high up on our agenda. Nicola Noble, (co-Head of Surrey Square) and I have worked on developing a ‘playbook’, namely a set of ideas and tools, to help leaders think about staff wellbeing and how it can be incorporated into your school in both the short and medium term.

We are launching this tool on the 6th July at 17:30, as an immersive online training. So, if you are a leader who is interested in developing a positive staff wellbeing culture in your school, we warmly invite you to this free event.

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